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FAQs: What’s My Height + How to Look Taller in Photos/Videos.

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Button Down Shirt: Thrifted | Skirt: Landmark | Bag: Parisian | Watch: Casio | Shoes: Keds | Socks: Forever 21

I get a lot of questions about my height and more often than not, whenever I meet new people they get surprised because I look somewhat taller in pictures. Surprise surprise! Here’s the answer to that question: My height is 4’11 & 1/5 ft. See, I’m not even 5 ft!

I believe, finding the right angle for the camera and the right posing is key. My secret is tiptoeing a little bit and making sure that my legs are closer to the camera like what I’m doing in the photos above. Note that everything closer to the camera tends to look bigger hence, makes me look taller.

However, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think people should be taller (or shorter) than they really are. I just like it when I look taller in pictures but that’s just my personal preference. If you think you’re not tall enough then that’s okay, if you think you like your height just the way it is then that’s okay too. We all have our differences. It’s just a matter of embracing ourselves so yeah, I hope I didn’t offend anyone in this post.  This is just for my readers out there who wanted to know my now-not-so-secret secret on how to look taller in pictures.

Thank you so much for reading! I truly appreciate it. I’ll see you loves, in my next post or you can check my social media accounts for daily postings. Love you all so so so much and I’ll talk to you guys later!

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Stationery Haul

No choice but to pass a lot of homeworks and projects in school because it’s that time of the semester again, midterms! So here I am, being my usual over-the-top self, indulging in school and art supplies! Enjoy watching my stationery haul guys!

Not Just For The Gram

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Shirt and Skirt: Thrifted | Beret: Undefinedph | Socks: Some Sock Store in Japan | Shoes: Di & Yi

What a bonny way to break my 7-month long hiatus on fashion blogging with none other than a thrifted outfit! For the past year I was in a haze honestly, if I should stop doing this or continue doing it. For a moment, I lost my vibe and thought I lost my inspiration too but looking back at my 1st post made me remember everything at once, how happy I was trying to share my outfits and thoughts for the day and how I flounder trying to find the right words I want to say. Much to my demise, said discontinuity was taking a toll on me so I decided to make up for it. After a long cut, here I am again, sitting in my chair, typing in my computer, feeling the euphoria as if it was my 1st post all over again.

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P.S. The ice cream (P15 from 7-eleven) is not just for the gram. I was really eating it at that time and oh yes, photo op!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.