#WhatsInMyBag – Back To School!

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In less than a week, I’ll be going back to school so I just want to show everyone #whatsinmybag. These are just the stuff that I usually bring (except I don’t really “bring” the facial foam but I do use it before going to school and also, I don’t bring makeup brushes to school haha) on a daily basis so without further ado, let’s start!


  • Glasses – I’m having a really hard time without my glasses.

  • Makeup Bag – makeup together with my ballpens and highlighters. This pouch has brush holders inside so I put my ballpens and highlighters there since I don’t bring my brushes to school.

  • Toothbrush with Cap – this is a must-have especially if you’re in school for long hours!

  • Notebook – of course because I’m going to school (duh! this is my weapon.)

So there you have it – my school bag! I don’t want to bring a lot of stuff because I carry my bag everywhere (or maybe because I’m lazy?) and I mean EVERYWHERE,even when I’m just going to the canteen or ladies’ room.


So I’d like to have this opportunity to thank my friend Maga for sending me this Scinic Deep Cleansing Foam, 2080 Line Friends Toothbrush Cap and of course, my favorite Suatelier Makeup Stickers all the way from South Korea, OMG! Definately in love with the Stickers! As you can see they consist of my favorite skin care and makeup items such as Lipsticks from Nars, Highlighter from Make Up Forever, Toner from SK-II, Foundation from Mac and much more! I honestly think that one can express herself with these lovely stickers! So thank you so much Maga Oh for being so kind and generous!


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