My Foundations | 2016

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Foundations, right now are a big thing for me. Probably because I’m in that phase wherein you feel like you can now get this or that kinda stuff because you’re already in a certain age and yes, I’m now 19 and starting to experiment with these foundations. LOL. I don’t use foundation everyday, I use them only during special occasions and events because, to be honest some are hella expensive and I don’t really need it in my everyday life. In school, I usually go for the BB Cream look or sometimes I just grab my concealer for my under eyes and powder for my face because that’s easier. Sometimes I also tend to grab my cushion foundations instead of these babies. I have yet to make a blog post about that but today, lets focus on these foundations. This is just going to be a quick review so if you have questions just leave ’em in the comment section down below.

ELF Foundation Serum


This foundation is really thin and every time I wear this it looks like I have nothing on my face, you know, when you’re skin actually looks like “skin” and not foundation. So with that, I can say that it has a very thin coverage which I love especially during those days when I just want a simple makeup look (which happens almost everyday. LOL) and to be honest I don’t need a lot of coverage plus, it a serum so that means it has skin care benefits like anti-aging and it also has sunscreen but it looks good on photos and videos since it doesn’t leave a white cast. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative from the Mac Studio Waterweight Foundation, you can go with this. It’s not a dupe though, don’t get me wrong. My Aunt who lives in the States gave this to me and the only down side is I can’t find it here in the Philippines and I already finished the whole bottle. I really want to buy it again so if you have ideas please leave me a comment!

Ever Bilena Pro Finish Foundation

One thing for sure, it’s not matte on my skin. I have normal skin since it’s the Rainy season here in the Philippines but I have oily-combination type of skin during the summer season (Yup, we only have 2 seasons here). At first it has a Satin finish and it turns oily if I don’t set it with powder but yeah it’s okay once you set your face. I just think that this is not “it” for those with oily skin. I love this because it’s really cheap, for only Php 180 and you also get a lot of product. It has a medium coverage but totally blendable. I just don’t like the way it feels while I’m applying it. I don’t skip skin care, I never do but with this foundation, even if I did my skin care it’s hard to apply it, I feel like i’m patting more than I usually do but hey, for only Php 180, I think it’s really worth it and yes I’d probably buy it again just because it’s cheap and sometimes, if you’re still a student, investing in cheap products is key!

Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation


The Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation is my favorite foundation of all time! I’m not a matte kinda girl when it comes to foundations and bb creams that’s why I really love the Satin finish of this foundation. What I really like about this is that it has a beautiful moisturizing kind of Satin and not oily. It has a thick coverage so one layer is always enough, you know a little goes a long way with this one. It glides on like a dream, really easy to apply and definitely worth it! I also love the shades, I think they go well with the Filipina Morena skin tone like mine.

Sephora 10 Hour Wear Perfection Foundation


And lastly, the Sephora 10 Hour Wear Perfection Foundation. This is not a matte foundation, it comes off a bit dewy or satin and it has a medium coverage but totally buildable. When I use this, I only apply one thin layer, concealer and that’s it. It doesn’t oil up so I don’t set it with powder. To apply this, you need a foundation brush because if you use a beauty blender or a sponge, I feel like the sponge just absorbs more product than what you’re getting on your face. And in terms of longevity, to be honest I don’t really notice when I apply a thin layer but I guess it stays all day.

Enjoy and have a good day ahead!


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