Clinical OJT: Psychiatric Homecare


First day:

            Jeepney rivalry is the usual struggle in the streets of Commonwealth Avenue and we’re stuck together with a crowd of people struggling to jaunt for a ride. After more than half an hour we decided to call for a taxi instead. As we ride through with blowing horns and busy people rummaging through the city to get to work and other daily activities, we’re all nervous and excited to meet everyone in the homecare. And yes, believe it or not, we actually got lost along the way. After walking with umbrellas under the heat of the sun, we managed to arrive safely and knocked on the door of our great tomorrow.

Last day:

            Loud hustle and bustle of decorating students, helping and cheering patients and the usual cramming for the day’s program; this is the scenario for today. Happy and excited but underneath those smiles, one cannot hide the pain and sorrow for this is the last day of our OJT at JRT Psychiatric and Custodial Homecare. I take a moment to savor the place, surroundings, people and the environment we once called, “home” over the past month. It takes me a while to hold back my tears because goodbyes are just sad however, I believe there’s a reason why the word “goodbye” has the word “good” in it because no matter how bad a “good-bye” might feel, you must always appreciate the good that was once was, and the good that’s left behind.

            However, this day is truly memorable because I never expected to receive so much love and compassion given back to me as I gave to them. It is today that I realized that often, it is the small things that no one sees which results in the big things that everybody wants. Never underestimate the little gestures that you give to a person because you’ll never know these little gestures might result to big hearty smiles and vigorous hopes and down souls being lifted. This on-the-job training is a blessing in disguise because I’ve learned a lot from this experience and I truly enjoyed my stay at the homecare and to be honest I never expected to feel this way. I’ve said this lot of times and I will say it again; the best things in life are unexpected because there were no expectations. Moreover, the ones that influence your life and your being such as memories like these are ones that are worth keeping.

            They say that experience is a cruel teacher because it gives a test before presenting the lesson but I think otherwise. My involvement in this on-the-job training has not only let me learn about my chosen career but also taught me more about myself and how I can be a better version of myself. I can say that these people made me who I am today so I thank them for various reasons. I believe that I am the result of my experiences and I have no regrets.

            Overall, I learned to understand people better; that once you look at a person, always remember that behind those smiles and faces, there’s a story alongside with them that’s why you can never judge right then and there. And always think of different reasons because we all have diverse ones. In this world of good and bad, you must always have courage to take on the challenges and be kind to the people around you because you’ll never know, your kindness may be given back, a thousandfold.


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